MRI or MR scan: Radiation-free, safe examination

Nowadays, the MRI / MR scan, MR diagnostics has become a special medical tool that greatly helps the physician to diagnose and determine the therapy. This examination is currently the most accurate radiological procedure in the diagnosis of joints as well as in the nervous system. It combines the benefits of CT and ultrasound testing.

How does an MR / MRI test take place? Can I wear anything that is made out of metal?

MRI / MR testing is performed by specialized, experienced professionals. There is a constant strong magnetic field in the test room therefore as the patient enters for the study he must make sure that there is no magnetizable substance (no metal) on (clothing, jewelry, glasses, phone) or inside the patient’s body (pacemaker).

Our latest MR device: MAGNETOM Aera - transforms 1.5T imaging

As a top-of-the-line device with a 70 cm magnet opening, MAGNETOM Sola offers a full range of applications to raise patient care to an even higher level. Dot is the next generation of MRI, providing a unique framework for patient-specific testing.